Tax Rates

Below are the current Real Estate Tax Rates by County (updated May 2019)

Albemarle County .854 Louisa County .72

Augusta County .63

City of Waynesboro .87

Madison County .68
City of Charlottesville .95 Nelson County .72
Fluvanna County .925 Orange County .804
Greene County .82 City of Staunton .97
Tax rates are based on $100 of real estate assessment

To calculate annual real estate taxes:
multiply the tax rate by the property’s tax assessed worth, then divide by 100.

For example, Albemarle’s tax rate is .839 per $100 assessed value
To calculate annual real estate taxes on an Albemarle County home tax assessed for $200,000:

.839 x 200,000 ÷ 100 = $1,678 per year